Welcome to Zoola's VGPiano subdomain. Here you will find the fine piano mixes I have arranged from video game music thus far. Some (one) of these tunes have been featured on both Overclocked ReMix and VgMix, and many are yet to be submitted. Click the links!

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Hey. I'm John Torkington, aka Zoola, the dood right up there. As you can tell, I'm pretty young (15) and love long hair and big ass headphones. I've lived in Mesa, Arizona all my life, although I have moved once in city. Unlike some mixers, I haven't been interested in music for my whole life, only since the last 3 or 4 years. Video games, however, have always been with me. Staring off with mario one on my parents NES, I quickly fell in love, going through the years playing religiously on that NES and my very own P1 133 mhz compy. I soon then graduated to a P3 and an N64. More importantly, I found vgmusic.com. I loved it. I could listen to all my favorite tunes without actually having to play! (heh) After many years, I moved and found my best friend. It was he who showed me the joys of creating those midis myself, using "JAZZ". He also taught me how to play the mario 64 water theme on the piano, which in conjunction of finding ocremix.org, has lead me here.